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The benefits of learning in the United States

The quality of education and related services provided by schools, colleges and universities are among the highest in the world. And this no doubt. Not coincidentally, almost all the top positions in the world rankings are exactly American educational institutions. Such high ranking positions determine another important indicator is employment of graduates of American universities. It is usually easier to find work, and their starting salaries higher salaries to graduates from other countries. Graduates of the United States can compete with graduates of British universities. Another important point that can be defined as "the advantage of American education is its multinational character. United States is a country of emigrants, and don't look at the color of the skin and cut the eyes of students. Here are all equal. And this is not a declaration, and the practice of American life! United States educational system is very flexible. It allows the student to pick a program that would best meet the current educational level and his academic interests.

The school system in the United States

Not to bore you with the "small details", will focus on the main points. Primary school (Primary School) begins for children in the age of five. But it is saying we are still "the preparatory groupї kindergarten ... With six years begins a more serious study and it still lasts 5 years. The next step is a Secondary school (high school). Here children learn with 6 to 12 classes. At the end of secondary school children receive a High School Diploma. Without this qualification, of course, cannot be admitted to American universities. In addition to school diploma many universities require the results of additional tests of the SAT.

Higher education in the United States.

Professional education in the United States. American colleges and universities offer three main programs:
a) Associates Degree is a professional education. Get this degree can be in two years. Having received it, a man is free to start work or continue education (two-year) to Bachelor's degree.
b) Baccalaureate is not professional and scientific degree. Duration of studies is four years. Graduates of American schools can go to study at bachelor's program or, as mentioned above, first get an Associates Degree. Many Americans prefer this way of +2 2, since the cost of tuition at the Associates Degree is generally somewhat lower than tuition at the Undergraduate. in) graduate, postgraduate degree. The duration is 1.5 -2.

Secondary education in the United States, choosing schools and entering boarding school in the United States

Please note that International Students currently not involved in enrolling children in school, United States, if they (children) is less than 14 years old. I.e. We credit only in the senior classes. IF the level of English child could not afford the program on par with u.s. peers, before the start of the academic studies at the same boarding schools can pass the language training (lasting from 1 semester).

Admission to undergraduate studies in the United States.

For students-foreigners there are two main ways of enrolling in American universities for undergraduate program:
a) direct entry to the first year. The basic requirements for this: the school certificate exam results SAT and proof of English language level.
b) enrolling in American universities through the preparatory courses. Many Universities offer such training programmes that allow students after a year of training to navigate directly to the second year of study. Thus, the student does not lose time, and parents, respectively, save money!

Admission to the master's course in the United States: tests GMAT and GRE

To enroll in the master's program can be either through specialized training courses, or directly. For direct income, in addition to the diploma of completed higher education and the confirmation of the possession of the English language, many universities require you to pass additional exams: GMAT or GRE.


GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a test whose results require many institutions (according to some data about 2.000). GMAT reveals human intellectual ability and his ability to think logically. Therefore, the test should be at a relatively high level of ownership, not only grammar and arithmetic and geometry.
During the exam tested the following parameters: Sritical reasoning (understanding of language and intelligence), Data sufficiency (mathematics), Sentence correction (grammar), Problem solving (math), Reading comprehension (reading comprehension).
We can't help you with the delivery of the test, but we can pick up those educational institutions that prepare GMAT and that this test can be taken. The minimum duration of the preparatory programme of GMAT Preparation Ц 12 weeks. At the end of the program, you can still register and pass the test (its cost is around 250 USD).


GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) to test knowledge of applicants for admission to the Magistracy of the United States. There are several options for test-General Test (common test) and subject tests-Subject Tests.
The General test is designed to measure verbal, mathematical and analytical skills of the applicant.
Subject tests are designed to assess the qualifications of the applicant in any particular area of expertise.
The GRE tests are explicit in eight disciplines:
1. biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology,
2. Biology,
3. chemistry,
4. computer science,
5. literature,
6. mathematics,
7. physics,
8. Psychology.


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