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United States Government and education

United States education system decentralized, there is no uniform nationwide curricula or standards. The thing that matters of education not covered in the Constitution of the United States, and this means that they are in control of State Governments. Even the accreditation of higher education institutions and the development of systems to test applicants in the United States are operated by private organizations.
However, in 1980, in the United States there is a Ministry of education (this is one of the youngest Ministers in the Government of the United States, about five thousand employees).
Tasks of the Ministry of education of the United States are:
Х enforcing federal laws on education,
Х collection of data on institutions, United States
Х the allocation and management of federal funding of educational projects.
United States Department of education does not create schools and manages them. It consists of entities such as the National Center for education statistics, National Institute on disability and rehabilitation, the Office of federal student aid, various advisory boards and committees, and others.
A great influence on the education in schools in the United States has adopted in 2001, the Congress of the United States and entered into force in 2002, after the United States President George W. Bush signed the law, known as no child left behind "(No Child Left Behind Act). The main provisions of the Act have been increased federal funding to schools with the aim of improving the level of knowledge of pupils, teaching all students passing State standardized test.
United States Federal Government owned only eight institutions of higher education: United States Military Academy (West point, New York), United States Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland), a United States Coast Guard Academy (new London, Connecticut), naval trading Academy United States (Kings point, New York), United States Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, Colorado), FBI Academy (Quantico, VA.), the Federal law enforcement training center (Brunswick, Georgia), the National Academy of health and safety of mining operations (Beckley, West Virginia), and military medical University of the United States (Bethesda, Maryland).


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